The Symphonic Orchestra

  • It was founded in 1983
  • The number of orchestra of 112 people

The Symphonic Orchestra, without which it is impossible to imagine a musical Karaganda, was organized in 1983. It is difficult to estimate the value of the orchestra. The spectators of our city have learned to understand complex, classical works of composers from all over the world, listening to them during performances of the Symphonic Orchestra. The National Artist of Kazakhstan T.Abdrashev was the first conductor of the orchestra. Conductors N.Klinov, V.Norets, S.Ferulev, the laureate of the All-Russia Competition of Conductors P.Gribanov, the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan K.Akhmetov made a great contribution towards  the  formation and development of the orchestra. 
Such outstanding masters of art as Z.Aubakirova, A.Musakhodzhaeva, G.Myrzabekova, N.Usenbaeva, Z.Baktaeva, K.Zhumakenov, Z.Baspakova and many others took part in the concerts of the orchestra. As well as performing in the orchestra T.Peredero, V.Alpeev, Zh.Aldykhanova, V.Chemov also appeared on stage as soloists. The musicologist L.Golskaya amazed spectators with the bewitching timbre of her strong and fascinating voice. 
The orchestra became an initiator of a good business, preparing the way for young Artists. So, young performers N.Kazhgali, A.Abakhanova, A.Batyrov, Y.Brusentsova, A.Аlpiev, O.Duisen and others received admiration from their audiences. The orchestra, directed by the main conductor P.Gribanov, improves its professional mastery every year. 
The orchestra went on tours abroad for many times. The first foreign concerts of the orchestra, organized by D.Kaseinov, the Honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, were in France.  They amazed their listeners in France, Spain, Russia, and Ukraine with their level of excellence. At a concert in Spain, directed by the conductor A.Torybaeva, the orchestra, together with the violinist A.Musakhodzhaeva, performed its art, leaving unforgettable impressions.